Software Engineer

Job description

Are you interested in joining an incredibly fast-growing and forward-thinking European FinTech startup?

We are Intergiro, and we are building a fantastic API platform to reshape the way we use financial services. World-level challenges require the latest tech - come join us and become a part of the business banking revolution, where you can help engineer what’s next 👨‍🚀.

We take our culture very seriously.

We want to be the best kind of company and the best kind of environment, for the best kind of people. We aim to offer a workplace where everyone has the space to grow and the opportunity to do so.

By joining us, you’re joining a startup with a fun, open, entrepreneurial culture that will give you responsibilities and full autonomy.

💡 We believe in idea meritocracy: the best one wins, no matter where it came from.
💬 We make sure to create a safe space for open communication so everyone can express their views and speak the truth to power.

👩‍⚖️ Our decision making is completely transparent, and you will be able to have a real impact on the outcome

Our expectations

  • You are our ideal candidate if you are a seasoned backend engineer with real-world experience or an honest interest in Node.JS. Love for FinTech and understanding of large-scale applications in the financial or banking domain is a plus, but we’re happy to help you evolve and develop with us.
  • You have an urge for continuous self-improvement, you are a true team player, and you solve complex problems in your sleep.
  • You are self-motivated, you work autonomously and think independently.

You will be responsible for

  • End-to-end building, developing and deploying of financial services

  • Using a functional style of programming, simple, maintainable, idiomatic and high-quality code

  • Creating & conducting tests

  • Owning problems within your team’s domain

  • Collaborating with multiple teams within a clean architecture paradigm

  • Being fully involved in building a great product

Some of the technology you will be working with: 

Javascript, Node.js, Stencil.JS - for the user interface, Azure Functions, Cloudflare Workers, HTML 5 & CSS 3, GitHub / GitHub Actions.

Job requirements

  • 2+ years of relevant backend experience

  • Fluency in English at verbal and written (Intermediate and above)

  • Experience with TDD

  • Appetite for Continuous Delivery practices

  • Hands-on experience building complex server-side applications

  • Good knowledge of Javascript or Typescript

  • Understanding of SQL, ACID

  • Familiarity with distributed architecture design principles

What we offer
  • Opportunity to work with like-minded individuals in a modern and fast-paced environment and build our acquiring and PSP service
  • Employment benefits package focused on work/life balance
  • Comfortable working conditions
    • Flexible working hours
    • Hybrid Remote position (required to meet Team at Uppsala as required)
  • Medical insurance
  • Sport expenses compensation
  • Top-quality equipment (mainly Apple computers)
  • Education sponsored by the company and being a part of the culture